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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  June 10, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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said this is it and you go, i would be fine. it's being able to swim it two more times. >> you'll do it. >> thank you. >> i have every confident. >> go ask bernard and see what he says. so nice seeing you. >> hope to see you in london. >> thank you. >> quite an inspiration to all us oldies. >> it's been a pleasure. >> nice to be with you. >> hope to see you in london. >> thank you very much. >> dara torres, quite an inspiration to all us oldies. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." multiple people shot near auburn university. reports say the victims were football players at a pool party. we'll have a live report on what happened. plus, the eurozone's fourth largest economy asking for a bailout. spain teetering on the brink of bankruptcy gets a huge rescue, but it's a drop in the bucket for a country facing junk bond status and an unemployment rate close to 25%. and the pacquiao/bradley fight may be over, but the
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controversy has just begun. why some say the judges' decision is an outrage. and later -- ♪ bobby's back, sueellen is running for office and j.r. is as conniving as ever. no, we are not talking about the old "dallas." this is the next generation and they're still battling over control of southport. wait until you see what the cast told me in our sit-down interview. it is sunday, june 10th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. glad you're with us. we start with breaking news out of auburn, alabama, a shooting at an off-campus apartment complex. there are reports of multiple victims. the police have the whole area blocked off. joining me on the telephone is reporter christina chambers from station wltz. christina, good morning to you. what do you know at this point? >> reporter: good morning. well, as of right now, auburn police are only confirming that they responded to multiple gunshot victims at an apartment
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complex in auburn. that is all they are confirming. they have not said if the shooter is in custody, if they've located a shooter. they said they will have more information around lunchtime today, but as of a lot of reporters were on scene for most of the night tonight, or should i say early morning, that is all they were releasing to us. >> christina, there have been multiple reports that the victims in this case were football players, some current, some former. do you have any confirmation of that? >> reporter: sources tell me that there were three players. two of them are former auburn players and one is a current player. obviously, police have not confirmed who the victims are in this case, but sources tell me that three of the victims were football players, former and current. >> and have you been able to find out anything about what the possible motive had to do?
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what was this about? >> reporter: just hearing from neighbors, and obviously, those who reached out on twitter, it seemed to allegedly stem from a spite, but police are not confirming any of these details. this is just hearsay going around the apartment complex. >> all right, christina chambers, thank you very much. we're of course going to keep an eye on this development throughout the morning and police are planning a news conference around noon eastern time today. we'll continue to stay on top of it. mexican drug cartels are increasing their reach into the u.s. by leaps and bounds. the justice department says they now know that cartels operate in more than 1,200 u.s. cities. back in 2006 it was just 50 cities. one of those cities where they've seen expansion is wilmington, north carolina. the dea in that area seized tons of marijuana, weapons, other drugs and millions of dollars in cash. agents say the cartels are running production and distribution of the drugs from
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inside the u.s., but in wilmington, they've seen some success in fighting the cartels with a tip line that has led to most of those seizures. back in the u.s., a fast-growing wildfire in colorado has forced hundreds to evacuate. the fire near ft. collins has damaged or destroyed at least ten structures so far. firefighters went door to door to make sure people got out. officials say the weather isn't cooperating and they expect the fire to keep growing today. heavy rains along the gulf coast has caused severe flooding in some areas. this is what it looks like there in pensacola, florida. a state of emergency was declared in that area. people in low-lying areas have been urged to evacuate. to syria now, where the prospects for peace aren't looking good. heavy shelling in homs punctuated the failure of the agreed-upon peace plan. that's the one put forward by former u.s. secretary-general
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kofi annan. today the council elected a new president, a syrian in exile in sweden. it's seen as a move that could unite various rebel factions. a lack of unity has been seen as a hurdle to international peace efforts. now to spain and their looming financial crisis. the country is asking for big money to help their banks, but don't call it a bailout. it's more like a $150 billion safety net. that's a pretty big net. nina dos santos is joining me. not a big bailout, they're saying. so what's all the money for, then? >> reporter: good morning to you, randi. well, this is the issue -- so far, let's just remind our viewers that spain hasn't asked for a specific amount of money. what they're doing is trying to wait for a series of independent reports to evaluate how much money they could need, but what it is for is for the banking sector. here is the distinction between this bailout and others awarded to portugal, ireland and greece.
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what spain is desperately trying to do is pitch this not as a sovereign bailout, saying the country's books are in order when it comes to raising money on the international debt markets, it shouldn't be penalized in the way the other bailout recipients across the eurozone have been. what they're saying they have a problem with is a black hole in the banking sector. the banking sector basically needs an awful lot of money to shore up its finances and this is what these bailout funds will be used for. >> so the money's not going to the government, but what is the impact on the eurozone in general? >> reporter: well, there's so many questions that remain unanswered at this point, randi, and this is the concern for markets, when they eventually do start trading in a day's time or so. we don't yet know how big this bailout could be. we don't really know exactly how the spaniards are going to manage to try to convince everybody that, as i was saying before, it's a banking sector bailout rather than a public sector bailout for the entire country. and indeed, some economists have already been saying even if you do throw money at spain's banking problem, if you don't do it in the right way, the country
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itself may need the bailout and that could be much, much bigger. we're talking about a $1.4 trillion economy here, europe's fourth largest. there's also a question of bruised pride in the middle of all this, so politicians have to navigate this kind of territory very, very carefully. >> so nina, come monday morning, when the markets open, are we going to see a monday morning panic? >> reporter: i've been talking to a number of traders over the weekend and i've got to say the jury's out on this one, randi. it's really unclear at the moment as to whether or not the kind of questions that a lot of traders will have have been answered here, and i must note that imminently, what we're expecting is the spanish minute better to come on the podium and explain what it is they may need to vent luy ask for. so, a lot of this hinges on the terms and conditions spain will manage to negotiate. people are expecting spain to manage to get this money with fewer strings attached than the ones put forward for portugal, ireland and greece's bailouts. and if that happens, that might be positive in the short term,
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some say, but it could cause further eruptions further down the line. >> nina dos santos live in madrid this morning. thank you very much. now to a shocker in las vegas. manny pacquiao lost last night. it was a controversial split-decision victory for a guy named timothy bradley. not taking anything against bradley here, but we're talking about manny pacquiao. he hadn't lost a fight in seven years and was known by many as the best fighter in the world. if you can believe, there is now going to be a big-money rematch. the boston celtics also lost, or rather, lebron james and the miami heat beat them last night, 101-88, sending the heat to the nba finals to face the oklahoma city thunder. it is the second straight finals appearance for james, but he has yet to win the championship. there was a big upset at the belmont stakes, upset over the fact that i'll have another was scratched and didn't run, but there was still a triple crown race with a fantastic finish. here's richard roth.
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>> reporter: randi, we'll always wonder, how would i'll have another done in the belmont stakes? he got a warm reception at his retirement ceremony in the winner's circle here at belmont park. his stablemate, lava man, a high-priced, successful horse in his own right, seemed jealous blocking the view as the saddle was taken off i'll have another for the last time. in the winner's circle, his jockey, mario gutierrez, the trainer, doug o'neill, who was disappointed, but accepted that i'll have another did not race in the belmont stakes. >> his immediate plans are heading back to california on monday and then we'll gradually wind him down with his brain and then he'll, as the reddams and stallion farms will be working out deals, we'll figure out where his zen home will be. >> reporter: briefly, finally it was a bummer yesterday when this race happens and he's not in it. does it really hit you again? >> you know, we had such an unbelievable run and he's a once in a lifetime horse, so we're just focused on all the great
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part of this journey that he took us through. >> reporter: the belmont, even without i'll have another, was quite a race. up the rail came union rags, who finished far behind i'll have another in the kentucky derby five weeks ago. union rags, ridden by john velazqu velazquez, was successful in winning the third leg of the triple crown. paynter was nipped for second. his jockey was disappointed, mike smith still feeling the race had some pizzaz, though he said you had to ask the crowd. the fans here loved the action and you have to always wonder what would have happened if i'll have another had been in the race. richard roth, belmont park. back to you, randi. >> thank you, richard. here's a rundown of the stories we're following this morning. shocking video shows this california man beating his son with a belt in their backyard. now he's facing felony child abuse charges. plus, flying the friendly skies without kids. a controversial topic that has parents and their fellow passengers taking sides. then, jerry sandusky heads to court tomorrow. we'll have a look at how the
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former penn state coach ended up on trial for sex abuse. and you can call it a return to southport ranch. my conversation with the cast of tnt's upcoming "dallas" remake. ♪ you're simply the best ♪ man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives?
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playing catch with your dad is one of the most time-honored traditions in america, but for one 10-year-old in southern california, it's become what we could only describe as a nightmare. he was being beaten with a belt, apparently for missing the ball. it took a neighbor and his video camera to stop it. >> that's enough [ bleep ]! that's enough! >> i'm having a trouble with him [ bleep ] because he won't catch the ball. >> do you know my son? >> i don't know your son, but i'm watching you [ bleep ] and i'm a father too. >> this disturbing video was later posted on the web. nick valencia has more on what went on and what happened to the boy's stepfather. >> good morning, randi. a local official in california is free on bond this weekend after being charged with felony child abuse. video of imperial valley official anthony sanchez allegedly shows him repeatedly
3:14 am
hitting his 10-year-old stepson with a belt during a game of catch in their backyard. a neighbor who shot the video alerted police, and after they viewed the pictures, charged sanchez with a felony. sanchez's attorneys told cnn his client posted a $100,000 bond on friday evening shortly after turning himself in at the imperial county jail. the attorney, ryan childers, tells cnn that the video is "hard to watch," but he says he does not agree his client's action warranted the felony charge, which is the most serious child abuse charge available to law enforcement. he called sanchez "a model citizen who has served nearly two terms as the elected director of the influential agency that regulates irgration in california's imperial valley." cnn's san diego affiliate said sanchez is also a little league and soccer coach. the felony abuse charge carries a maximum sentence of six years in state prison. the d.a. says he will review the charge. sanchez has not yet entered a plea. randi? >> thank you. a sheriff's spokesman
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admitted that parents in san diego have a right to discipline their children, but things change when they cause injuries. as for the neighbor, he says he was glad he was able to step in and stop the abuse. a knife-wielding suspect tries to rob a store, but wait until you see the quick-thinking customer who karate kicks the weapon right out of his hand. ♪ everybody was kung fu fighting ♪ ♪ those steps were fast as lightning ♪ if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is.
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♪ good morning, san francisco. a little bit early there. just waking up with us, though. 16 minutes past the hour. checking stories now cross country. every senior at a chicago high school is graduating this weekend, and all 50 of them are headed to college. but what makes this really special is that four years ago, the school didn't even exist. this is the first graduating class at christ the king jesuit college prep. >> i'll be the first graduating class of my school and the first graduating, the student of my family. >> the first to come in, the first to leave together, as one. so, that's why at graduation, it's just going to be bittersweet. >> graduates are going to colleges across the country, like alabama a&m and the university of iowa. and in ft. worth, texas, a
3:18 am
19-year-old college student is dragging a 12-foot cross on the side of the road. he plans on carrying it all the way to washington. that's more than 1,300 miles. he's doing it to spread the word of the christian gospel and raise money for missionaries. junior garcia said the idea came to him after he had a pretty rough year. >> this is my way of showing them that jesus christ wants a personal relationship with every single one of them. i was going through so much in my life. july 24th, 2011, i remember just looking up to heaven and saying, i'm yours. that day, i decided to take up my cross, and i felt him tell me, that's where we're going, washington, d.c. >> he plans to arrive in d.c. by july 13th. and speaking of d.c., check out these long lines outside a shoe store there. huge crowds lined up for a chance to buy kanye west's new nike air yeezy sneakers. this is one of the only stores in the area selling the shoes. they go for about $300, but people are bidding thousands of dollars for the shoes online.
3:19 am
they feature fake reptile skin and glow-in-the-dark soles. and in orange county, florida, police are looking for a man who tried to rob a 7-eleven store. witnesses say he pulled out a knife, demanded money, but a quick-thinking customer grabbed a wine bottle, kicked the knife out of his hand and chased him right out of the store with the bottle. turns out, the knife-wielding suspect robbed the store just last month. are you one of those fliers who gets, well, just slightly annoyed when your seat gets kicked throughout a long flight or you want to scream yourself while sitting next to a crying child on a redeye? then you've probably dreamed of this, kid-free zones on airplanes, or the extreme, even, kid-free flights. well, that hasn't happened here in the u.s. yet. malaysia airlines has instituted a no-child zone on some of its flights. next hour, i'll talk with a blogger and mom who's against this idea. she says she thinks it could be bad for business. so, what do you think about this idea?
3:20 am
should airlines offer kid-free zones on flights? have you been bugged by a child on an airline? tweet me @randikayecnn. we'll share your thoughts on the air throughout the hour. chaos breaks out in the stands during a european soccer championship, and it puts four officials in the hospital. we'll tell you who's to blame. plus, former penn state football coach jerry sandusky heads to trial tomorrow. we'll set the stage. d@
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welcome back. along the way to trial former penn state coach jerry sandusky starts tomorrow. they have picked a jury and are on their way.
3:24 am
final attempts to have it thrown out on friday have been denied. he faces 52 counts of sexual misconduct involving young boys. cnn's national correspondent jason carroll takes a look at how the scandal unfolded. >> reporter: his arrest november 5th, 2011, stunned those at penn state who knew jerry sandusky as an accomplished defensive line coach, a man committed to helping young boys with a charitable organization he founded, second mile. prosecutors say he used that organization to find his victims, luring them in with gifts, sleepovers and trips to football games to gain their trust. >> this is a case about a sexual predator accused of using his position within the community and the university to prey on numerous young boys for more than a decade. >> reporter: sandusky's alleged crimes were detailed in a 23-page grand jury report, which said sandusky sexually assaulted eight boys over a 14-year period and included allegations he raped one boy in a shower at penn state. several days after his arrest,
3:25 am
sandusky gave a controversial interview to nbc's bob costas. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underaged boys? >> am i sexually attracted to -- >> yes. >> -- underaged boys? sexually attracted? you know, no, i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. i, i, but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> reporter: his attorney, joe amendola, sat down with cnn and hinted at his defense strategy. >> do you believe in his innocence? >> oh, i do, i do. jerry sandusky is a big, overgrown kid. he's a jock. for anybody who's ever played sports, you get showers after you work out. i mean, when people hear he got showers with kids. oh, my goodness, like, he got showers with kids, that makes him guilty, right? >> reporter: december 7th, sandusky was arrested again, accused of molesting two additional boys, bringing the number of alleged victims to ten.
3:26 am
sandusky now facing 52 counts of sexual abuse. his attorney failed numerous attempts to have the trial delayed. todd klein, who represents alleged victim number five, says the facts are clear. >> part of the strength of the claim here as i see it stacked up on the eve of trial is the fact that you have all of these similar-type incidents among youngsters who were essentially segregated out and then preyed upon. >> reporter: on monday, a jury of five men and seven women, the majority of whom have ties to penn state, will begin to hear evidence that will ultimately decide sandusky's fate. jason carroll, cnn, belfonte, pennsylvania. >> the four alternates will not be sequestered. they will be able to go home at the end of the day but are urged to stay away from tv reports and information about the trial posted on social media sites as well. we're following breaking
3:27 am
news coming out of auburn, alabama. there are reports of several people shot at an apartment complex near the university. and just how much would you pay for lunch? $200? $300? what about $3.5 million? one person did. we'll tell you why. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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welcome back, everyone. thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kaye. it is half past the hour. this morning, police in auburn, alabama, are franticly working to find out what happened when someone opened fire at an apartment building near campus. we are hearing reports that some people may have been killed and several others hurt. we can't confirm any of that information just yet. police are blocking off the whole area to investigate exactly what happened. i talked with christina chambers from station wltz about reports of football players being involved in this shooting. >> reporter: sources tell me that there were three players.
3:31 am
two of them were former auburn players and one is a current player. obviously, police have not confirmed who the victims are in this case, but sources tell me that three of the victims were football players, former and current. >> police are expected to make a statement later this morning. we'll keep you updated and keep an eye on this story for you. all right, go ahead and grab that first cup of coffee if you're just getting up. it's time to get caught up on the morning's headlines. spain has formally asked the european union for up to $125 billion in bailout funds. the money will be used to prop up the nation's struggling banks. and the request comes after the imf said several of those banks would need a cash infusion to stay afloat in the event of another financial shock. european football's governing body says it's opening disciplinary proceedings against russia after this fight you see there broke out between russian fans and polish officials following a russia/czech
3:32 am
republic match. those officials were hospitalized but soon released after receiving first aid. and warren buffett continues to make millions, and this time it is for a worthy cause. an anonymous bidder is paying more than $3 million for lunch with the investor, and that is a record. money from the auction will go to a san francisco area charity that fights poverty. buffett will meet the winner of this year's auction and seven friends for lunch at a new york steakhouse at a future date. to politics now, and all eyes will be on a special election in arizona this week. cnn political editor paul steinhauser has that and the rest of the week ahead in politics. >> good morning, randi. voters in arizona's 8th congressional district head to the polls tuesday to choose a successor to their former congresswoman, gabby giffords. the democrat stepped down in january, one year after surviving an assassination
3:33 am
attempt. giffords' aide, also injured in the shooting, is facing off against republican jesse kelly. later in the week, republican presidential challenger mitt romney reaches out to his party's social conservative base as he speaks at the annual faith and freedom conference right here in the nation's capital. >> i believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. >> romney's stance on same-sex marriage in contrast with president obama may help him solidify support from social conservatives, whom he struggled to win over during the republican primaries. randi? >> paul steinhauser, thank you very much. joe biden's picnic with the media got just a little out of hands. it seems the vice president armed the journalists' kids with squirt guns and sent them off to soak their parents. our wolf blitzer was among the popular targets, but you reap what you sew, and soon, the kids turned their guns on the vice president. but it was all good fun, no secret service intervention required. it was one of the most dramati
3:34 am
dramatic and tense moments of the cold war, an american pilot shot down over the soviet union in a spy plane. he faced harsh interrogations from the russians and now he's getting the silver star that he deserves. ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is.
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and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. ♪ so, we keep waiting, waiting on the world to change ♪ good morning, new york city. so glad you're with us. look at that lovely shot. lady liberty is certainly waking up, grabbing a little coffee this morning. glad you're watching "early start weekend." time now to look ahead at men and women that we thought you might want to keep an eye on over the next seven days or so, some names you may know, others you never heard of. nadia is here with a list of the most intriguing people to watch for next week. >> yes. and i know the first one will be very familiar to you. that is tim cook, who's the apple ceo. he became the apple ceo last year. >> yeah. >> and this week, at the apple
3:37 am
worldwide conference, he may just be announcing the iphone 5. >> oh, my goodness. >> now, i know how much you love the iphone 4. >> i'm outdated already. >> exactly. it will have facebook integration and new map services. but what's intriguing about mr. cook is that he actually got a million shares at beginning of this year, now worth, apple shares, $600 million, making him the highest paid ceo in the world. not bad for the son of a shipyard worker. >> wow, that's pretty impressive. also impressive is what nick wallen wallenda has planned. >> yes, nik wallenda is known as the king of the high-wire and will walk the niagara falls 1,800 feet on a high wire. >> oh, my gosh. >> rather extraordinary, so it will be interesting. but i'm happy to tell you he does have safety carts because his grandfather actually plunged to his death in 1978. >> so, he has a net or
3:38 am
something? >> he has two carts. so we're grateful for that. and he comes from a renowned circus family, nik wallenda. then i must talk about aung san suu kyi, the famous myanmar democratic activist. for the first time this week in 25 years, she is going to leave myanmar. >> wow. >> and she is going to oslo to receive the nobel peace prize that she won in 1991. >> finally, after all these years. >> finally. she wasn't able to get it before because she didn't want to leave the country for fear of not being able to return. so, a remarkable person. they call her the mandela of asia. and then i do have to tell you about france's gary powers, another person who's getting an award, 50 years after the act. because what happened was his plane was downed over the soviet union 50 years ago. he is receiving a silver star award this week. he actually died 15 years ago, but he's receiving a medal of honor, although at the time, the government said why didn't he take a suicide pill and destroyed the plane?
3:39 am
>> right, and destroy the plane. but he went through a lot. he had been jailed or sentenced to ten years or so. >> correct. he went through 60 days of torture. so, remarkable people and a remarkable week. >> all right. we'll keep an eye out for all these people, nadia. thank you. have you changed your linkedin password yet? it's a good question because you may be one of the victims of russian hackers.
3:40 am
in what seems like a relentless attack this morning, syrian government troops are firing artillery and mortars about every four minutes in homs, and at least three people are dead. that's all according to antigovernment activists. and in damascus, violence is raging this weekend between rebel groups and government
3:41 am
troops. it seems president bashar al assad may be losing his grip on syria's capital. arwa damon reports. >> reporter: on thursday, activists proudly posted this video to youtube. we cannot independently verify its authenticity, but they said it was the neighborhood right in the heart of the capital. thousands filled the streets, the largest antigovernment demonstration in this particular neighborhood since the unrest began. it is no small feat. we visited the area back in january, the last time we were granted government visas. setting up these demonstrations took activists days of plotting. they would preposition spotters to warn of advancing government forces. at best, their chants would last a few minutes before henchmen would arrive. they are just telling us that we have to go faster. the government is moving in from
3:42 am
all sides right now. >> reporter: but how did the dynamics so drastically change in the free syrian army is protecting us now, residents from there told me. the military doesn't dare enter. a free syrian army enclave right in the center of damascus, brazenness the government is determined to extinguish. on friday and into the weekend, fierce clashes broke out in kafasuse. smoke billowed over the city and fighting in the capital resulted in what is described as the worst widespread fighting damascus has seen. this is elmidan, also in the city's center. and the suburbs long a hotbed of opposition. video posted to youtube claimed that gun a fire was heard throughout the night.
3:43 am
by day, u.n. monitors surveyed the wreckage. damaged shops, burnt-out carcasses of vehicles. this level of fighting in damascus is causing speculation that the uprising may be at a turning point. earlier in the week, this video was posted showing young activists burning tires. according to the font, it was filmed just 170 meters or some 600 feet from the president's residence. the regime may not have entirely lost its grip on damascus, but it is ever so slowly beginning to slip. arwa damon, cnn, beirut. >> people have been protesting the president's regime for 15 months. in that time, thousands of people have been killed, including women and children. al assad has repeatedly denied ordering attacks on civilians and has called rebel groups terrorists. all right, take a look at this nasty fight that broke out on a talk show. one guest slapped a politician,
3:44 am
but this isn't trashy reality tv. it's a popular political talk show in greece. wow! that's getting ugly. and so, it seems the new "dallas" will pick up where the old one left off, but will anyone get shot this time around? and is the theme song the same? ♪ [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers
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welcome back. let's take a look at a few stories that may have been "off the radar." here we go again. bank overdraft fees are on the rise again. that's according to two new
3:48 am
reports by the pew charitial tru able trust and consumer federation of america. they find that to protect you from soaring fees, banks are finding a way around them. bank fee disclosure forms could be 153 pages. and if you do read all of that, pew found banks use complicated jargon to make it hard for you to understand. it's calling on the consumer financial protection bureau to force banks to be more up front and transparent about their fees. and if you're on linkedin, experts say you should change your password. that's because russian hackers stole about 6.5 million of them and posted them online. right now, it doesn't seem usernames are linked with those stolen passwords. experts say once you change your password, you should be fine. linkedin says it's investigating how such information was compromised. did you see that? watch again. it starts with that guy, a leader of greece's far right
3:49 am
party throwing water at another guest during a morning talk show. then things escalate. that woman beside him, his opponent, tells him to get out. yes, he responded by slapping and punching her. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. well, i'm pretty excited about this. have you heard, j.r. ewing, sue ellen and bobby are back? that's right. after 13 seasons and 357 episodes, "dallas" returns. the original "dallas," which ran on cbs from 1978 to 1991, remains one of the most popular television series of all time. now, tnt is reviving the series, which follows the original characters and their children. and what about the bitter rivalries, scandals and cliff-hangers that made the show so successful? two of the show's stars, linda gray and josh henderson, told me what to expect. ♪
3:50 am
>> i'm so excited about this series. i have my dvr set. i'm all excited for it to start. i want to ask you, linda, first, what made you decide to reprise your role? >> what made me decide? >> yeah, what brought you back? >> i love it. we were chosen, that's what cynthia cidre, our executive producer said. she chose, she calls us the big three, and invited us back to play these crazy, wonderful, dysfunctional roles again. >> dysfunctional being the key word. >> that's it. who would say no to that? because you know, i love working with larry and patrick, and we knew that we would never get to work together again because we're too recognizable as those characters. so this was like a yahoo, let's do it! let's go to texas and do it again. >> and josh, are you ready to join this dysfunctional family? >> i'm completely ready. you know, i guess i'm ready as i
3:51 am
can be. i don't really know what to expect, except that i feel blessed to be a part of this. >> so, how true to the original series is this going to be? >> it's continuation. and i must give patrick duffy the credit, because he says it's year 14, and that's exactly what it feels like. there wasn't a glitch, a bump. it just seamlessly goes from what you saw before to this new generation, to 2012. >> so, tell me about this new generation of ewing. you play little j.r., as i've seen it called. are you going to be as ruthless as your father? >> i'm like the sweetest guy you've ever met. >> oh, i don't know about that. >> it's kind of weird that john is so -- >> you have a ruthless father and mother, so i don't know. >> yeah, how did john ross become so respectful? i'd say a chip off the old block. he definitely knows how to do
3:52 am
business one way, the j.r. way, and he believes it's his fate to be an oil man, and hopefully, he wants to be even better and one-up j.r. now, i don't know if he thinks that's possible, but that's his goal. and you know, he's an intense, passionate, young man who has issues from not having the best parenting. and you know, here we are now. thanks, mama. >> so, tell me about the target audience, because i'm wondering as a fan of the original series, will watching it now make me feel older or will it bring me back to that time, make me feel young again? >> as "dallas" always was and still is, it's about entertaining you. >> i am sick to death of this family devouring itself over money! >> and keeping you engaged with the characters. >> and the cliff-hangers. >> and the cliff-hangers. because what it is now, it's a continuation. it will blend. it blends beautifully with the older characters and the young characters. and there's not -- there's
3:53 am
nothing that will have you say, to my knowledge, anyway, and we've seen them all, you won't just sit there and go, nah, it's not like the old days. they'll just be like, oh, my god, did you know this and this? they'll just forget about it and feel that it's just this flawless segue into this new show. >> year 14. >> yeah, year 14. and that's how it feels. it feels like that to us, the three of us. and it just feels smooth. >> it's going to be great. the two-hour series premiere airs wednesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern on our sister network tnt. the final moments of abraham lincoln's life, a doctor's notes just discovered. he was the first one on the scene after the shot was fired. his account is riveting. hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat!
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a riveting glimpse into history. papers recently discovered reveal details of the moments right after abraham lincoln was shot. chronicled by the first doctor to reach the dying president. cnn's brian todd has more. >> reporter: he was 23 years old, embarking on a promising career and attending a happening event in washington. sitting at ford's theatre for a production of the play "our american cousin," dr. charles leal also said on the brink of history. >> he hadn't been out of medical school very long at all, so this was certainly thrown in at the deep end. >> helena papaioaneu with "papers of lincoln" just made an astounding discovery, a copy of the doctor's handwritten report on what he went to as the first doctor to get to president lincoln in the moments after he was shot. she believes he may have written the report the very next day.
3:58 am
the doctor was in an ideal position to try to help. he writes that at the time of the shooting, he was sitting in the balcony area where those tourists are right about there, only about 40 feet away from lincoln's box. the fatal shot was fired. leale wrote "a man of low stature with black hair and eyes was seen leaping to the stage beneath." he leapt to the stricken president. one of the most astounding parque of the report is what he encounters at the booth. when the door was open and he saw mary lincoln, leale wrote "she exclaimed several times, o'doctor, do what you can for him, do what you can!" he sent one to get brandy and thought he had just been stabbed because he saw john wilkes booth with a dagger in his hand. then he found where the bullet entered lincoln's head. he said lincoln's condition was such, he knew he would never make it to the white house. the only alternative, take him across the street to the peterson house. then they finally bring lincoln
3:59 am
into this room and helena, what happens then? >> they bring him in here and the bed, which it's not this bed, but they bring him in here and the bed is too small for him. he's a very large guy who's 6'4", and so to make him more comfortable, instead of having him hanging off the bed, they lay him diagonally across the bed, and leale writes about that. >> reporter: at that moment, a moment that strikes helena's core. >> talks about how his legs or lower extremities from the knees down were cold and they brought him hot water bottles and blankets and i found that a touching part. >> reporter: leale wrote about the president's deterioration and then at 7:20 a.m., he breathed his last. it's part of the report where leale appears -- saying immediately after lincoln's death "we all bowed and reverend gurley supplicated to g


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